My Travel Essentials

Here is a list of things I always carry during my travels:

  1. Adapters – It is likely that the country of your visit may have plug points that differ from your own country. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in a international power adapter which will assist you in charging your devices in different parts of the world. You can easily find them online. It is better to take it from home rather than buying it there in order to save you the trouble of dealing with a dead phone and walking to the nearest electronic/general store to buy one.
  2. Selfie-stick–  I like to carry my selfie-stick along to click pictures of me in spots where no one else would be available to take them for me. It is very useful for solo-travels.
  3. Passport Holder– This is probably the most important thing to carry on your travels. I carry it in a passport holder, which also has space for my boarding pass, various cards and IDs, and some cash. My passport holder works is like a sling bag so I always hang it sideways while travelling.
  4. Sneakers – Many major tourist cities across Europe have cobblestoned streets. Since, Europe is best explored on foot, it is a good idea to carry a pair of sneakers with you. I always have to wear running-shoes because my knees hurt after walking in sandals or canvas shoes. But you can carry any pair of sneakers that you are comfortable in.
  5. A Bagpack that is hard to open – I need to carry a bagpack because I carry around many things with me. I make sure that I tie several knots at the top of my bagpack so that it is extremely hard to untie those knots. This is because pick-pocketing is a crime of stealth and speed. Therefore, the longer it takes to open your bagpack, the lesser are the chances of you getting pick-pocketed.
  6. Jacket/Coat – I always carry a jacket or a coat especially when I am travelling across Europe to beat the chilly winds in the evenings. I also carry it around in my bagpack throughout the day because it may get cold at night and the last thing I want is to be sick on a holiday.
  7. Earphones – I always carry my earphones along to combat boredom on a long flight. They are also useful to drown the unpleasant sounds of a bawling baby on a flight.
  8. Neck-pillow – I carry my neck-pillow on a long flight or a road-trip. It prevents me from waking up with a sore neck and aids a comfortable sleep throughout the journey.
  9. Everyday makeup– I don’t like to pack a lot of makeup when I am on holiday, so I just carry the basics like concealer, blush, eyebrow pencil, compact, mascara and two lipsticks. The benefit is obvious. It helps to take good pictures!
  10. Sunscreen – There was a time when I travelled to Santorini without sunscreen. It was a terrible mistake because I returned with sun-burns and an extremely stubborn tan. So if it is a sunny destination, I almost never forget to pack sunscreen.
  11. Debit Card – I have recently started carrying an extra credit/debit card for emergencies. I also like to put them in two separate locations in my luggage so that if one gets lost, the other one is still available. It is a better idea to carry a debit card rather than carrying a lot of cash because if you get pick-pocketed, you could quickly cancel your card. But the cash is lost forever.
  12. A Plan – I am not a fan of spontaneity when it comes to holidays. I like to be well-researched and well-planned in travels. I usually figure what to see in a city in advance and pre-book my tickets to avoid the long queues and disappointment. I find it a waste of time to make decisions on spot. Especially, if one is in a large group, there are bound to be disagreements and this can waste a lot of precious holiday time. A plan also helps to keep me calm during a solo-trip because it prevents me from feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Other than these things, I carry the obvious i.e clothes, toiletries, chargers, phone, camera etc.


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