Packing List for India

If you are visiting India, it will be a good idea to pack the following items in your luggage.

  1. Toilet Paper – Not all toilets in India have toilet paper rolls.Indians prefer to use water over using toilet paper. Although, the facility is more widely available now in the bigger cities, it is still advisable to carry your own in case of emergency. You should always carry it in your handbag/backpack because many public toilets will not have toilet paper.
  2. Sunscreen – The sun in India is strong even in winter. Therefore, you must carry a good sunscreen to prevent yourself from sun damage.
  3. Sunglasses – As mentioned earlier, the sun is strong and a nice pair of shades could come in handy especially in the afternoons.
  4. Some Healthy Snacks – If you have low tolerance for spicy foods or a sensitive stomach, it is advisable to bring some of your snacks. This will help when you cannot find anything to your liking.
  5. Water Bottle – This is something that you cannot bring from your home country. However, a packaged bottle of mineral water is what you should be consuming and carrying with you at all times if you are not Indian. This will prevent dehydration and falling ill due to consuming contaminated water.
  6. A Stole – It is advisable to carry a stole to wrap around your shoulders or head when you are visiting a temple. Many temples require the women to cover their head. Therefore, carrying a stole would be extremely useful.
  7. A Light Jumper or Coat– Despite what the forecast says, North India can be cold in the winters due to absence of centralised indoor heating facilities in most buildings. Therefore, you might feel colder than usual at 16 degree celsius. Wearing a jumper will help you to beat the chills.
  8. Loose Conservative Clothes – You can avoid the extra attention received by international tourists through modest dressing. Most of India is quite conservative and it would be advisable if you stick to jeans, maxi skirts, culottes or palazzos. You don’t have to wear full sleeved t-shirts but it is advisable to cover your shoulders in whatever you wear. Better yet, you could buy yourself some Indian clothes upon your arrival in order to blend in.
  9. Sanitisers – You can use these if and when you have to touch something gross.
  10. Wet Wipes and Handkerchief – These come in handy to wipe off the sweat beads from your face on a hot day. You will sweat a lot if you visit anytime other than the peak of winter.
  11. Medicines – You may want to bring medicines for an upset stomach. Although, these are easily available in India.
  12. Insect Repellent – This will be the most important item in your handbag. It will protect you from mosquito bites. In my opinion, the ones available in India are more effective. It is called Odomos. It doesn’t smell great but is very effective in keeping the mosquitoes at bay. You can buy it from any pharmacy or a grocery shop in India. However, if you are not comfortable with using this then you could bring your own.

I hope you find these tips useful. 🙂


Feature image by – Akhil Chandran (


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