Capturing the Spirit of Berlin: Video Gallery

I captured the East Side Gallery and the view from the Berlin TV Tower on video. I felt that photography would not do justice to the spirit of these structures. Following are a few videos through which I tried to capture the vibe of the city.

East Side Gallery is an art museum exhibiting graffiti on the remains of the Berlin Wall.

Potzdamer Platz is now a shopping district and an important town square. The colourful stone structures displayed in front of the railway station are remains of the Berlin Wall. Berlin has a prevalent cycling culture. You can see many cyclists in this video.

Berlin is now a sprawling metropolis. Looking its skyline full of modern glass architecture, it is difficult to imagine that Berlin was destroyed in the World War II bombings. Most of the city was reconstructed by German women as many men died in the war. Even though the city has reinvented itself, it has preserved the relics of its past. These serve as a major tourist attraction drawing visitors from all over the world. Hard lessons from the past also dominate the present day political thought, which is accurately reflected in the choice of Angela Merkel as their Chancellor for a 4th term.



Feature Photo by Soroush Karimi available on


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