13 Things To Do In Prague

Prague is the most beautiful city that I have ever visited. Prague has it unique romantic charm. It is beautiful to watch the sunset at Charles Bridge when Prague’s sky lights up in a purple hue. Prague has a graceful aura with a post-communist flavour. The city is lined with beautiful buildings and cobblestoned streets. There is something vintage about the atmosphere in Prague.

Here is my list of things to do in Prague.

  1. Charles Bridge – Charles bridge is full of photo-ready tourists, couples engaged in pre-wedding photoshoots, tourist families, student backpackers, tourist groups, street musicians, painters, and local street vendors selling souvenirs. If you want to experience the true energy of Charles Bridge, sunset is the time to visit. However, it will be very crowded at that time. Therefore, You will not be able to click good photographs. If you are looking to do some photography, visit early in the morning around 6AM, when there is little to no crowd.
  2. Old Town – The old town is full of colourful souvenir shops, quaint buildings, welcoming cafes and restaurants. You can sip coffee at an old town cafe and watch the crowds go by. You can really soak in the vibe of the city by walking around in the Old Town for a few hours.prague-vencel-square-czech-republic-church-161077
  3. Astronomical Clock – The clock is located right in the heart of old town square and chimes every hour. You can choose to admire it from the outside or climb up to the top to admire a magnificent view of the Old Town Square.
  4. Bohemian Glass – Prague is situated in the the region of Bohemia. It is a great place to buy the colourful Bohemian Glass crockery or decorative pieces. An excellent shop selling Bohemian glassworks is located right opposite the Astronomical Clock. It is a huge store and therefore hard to miss.
  5. Castle District – You can walk around in the castle district and learn about Prague’s controversial emperor Rudolf II. You can even listen to the supernatural tales of Prague. Castle District is a good place to learn about Prague’s medieval history. It offers many photo spots to capture enchanting views of the city across the River Vltava.prague-2086967_1920
  6. River Cruise of Vltava – This is a great way to admire Prague’s gorgeous architecture and an amazing photo opportunity. You can opt for the cheaper tours that serve wine or the more luxurious ones with a four course meal to offer. River cruise is also a good date night idea. The boat tours offer commentary and live music. It is the best way to enjoy the romance in Prague’s air.
  7. Wenceslas Square – This is the commercial centre of the city. It is full of hotels and nightclubs. You can also admire the stately Statute of St. Wenceslas and colourful buildings at Wenceslas Square. After you are done, you can walk towards the Old Town square which is just five minutes away. prague-1119791_1280
  8. Rooftop Cafe – You can drink your evening coffee, enjoy an afternoon or a luxurious meal at a rooftop cafe in the Old Town. These cafes offer stunning views of the cities and the Astronomical clock. They offer a romantic ambience and excellent photo opportunities. Terasa U Prince and T-Anker Sunny Terrace are two rooftop cafes with a great view of the Astronomical Clock and the surrounding buildings.
  9. Jewish Quarters – This is the Jewish Ghetto known as Josefov. It houses beautiful buildings and various reminders of Jewish cultural past. You can walk through the streets and learn about its somber history. You can also see the Old New Synagogue situated in this part of the town. After completing your tour of the Jewish Quarters, you can visit the nearby Parizka Street to lighten your mood.
  10. Parizka Street – This is Prague’s Champs Elysees. The street is lined with expensive designer showrooms. You can either go inside to treat yourself to designer  collections or feast your eyes on expensive designer items through large glass windows.prague-2041008_1920
  11. St. Vitus Cathedral – Usually the queue to enter the Cathedral is very long. therefore, it is a good idea to go early. More importantly, the area in front of the Cathedral gets crowded between 9:00 -10:00 AM. So if you are looking to click great pictures, you should go early to avoid the photobombers. The Cathedral with its golden lights is striking at night. If you are interested, you should visit the Cathedral at night to bask in its evening splendour.
  12. Walking City Tour – If you are interested in Prague’s history and culture, you can opt for a walking tour of the city. There are many different kinds of walking tours to choose from. You can opt for the Night Walking Tour to admire the city at night and listen to ghost stories. You can go for a tour of Prague’s communist past. You can choose a tour of the castle district that narrates the medieval history of Prague. Walking tours of the Old Town and Jewish Quarters are also available. A walking tour helps to familiarise yourself with the city and make a mental note of the attractions that you may want to revisit at a later stage.
  13. What to Eat – If you are visiting Prague, you must try the delicious Palacinky pancakes and Trdelnik pastries.


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