Hidden Gems: Agra’s Mini Taj

This is a hidden gem in the crummy city of Agra.

It is constructed with marble and decorated with intricate inlay work with colourful semiprecious stones. Surrounding the edifice are four well-maintained lawns on each corner of the building. These are symbolic of the Mughal Char-Bagh style of architecture.

The ceiling was painted with beautiful mosaics which have been destroyed as a result of human touch and neglect by the tourism authorities. However, I have tried to capture the remains through my photography.

It is the tomb of the Mughal Princess Noor Jahan’s parents.

The best time to visit this monument is during sunset because the whole monument is coloured in a salmon hue.

The monument is not frequented by many visitors because it is hidden away on the other side of the Yamuna River. Therefore, it makes for a great place to test your amateur photography skills. I tested mine and have shared the results below.

A normal visit lasts about 20-25 minutes. A quick visit will last about 10-15 minutes.

Copyright – Ila Tyagi



2 Thoughts

  1. I wish I’d seen this a few months ago when we were in Agra! Might’ve been nice to see a temple without the hordes of tourists, was it busy? I love the Mughal architecture in Agra 😀

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