Colours of India: Photo Gallery

These pictures are taken at the India International Trade Fair 2017.

All the pictures are taken by me.

The lamps photographed in the first set are actually manufactured in turkey. They were displayed at Turkey’s stall. However, I wanted to capture their vibrant colours in my photos.

Indians are known for their obsession with colour. Through this photography project, I have tried to reproduce this colourful spirit of India.

India is a diverse country and each state has its unique handicrafts industry. Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture the artwork and handicrafts of all the states in this photography blog. But I did try to photograph the most kaleidoscopic templates.


Turkish Lamps

Jaipur’s Blue Pottery 

Punjab’s Phulkari Duppattas

Banarsi Silk Stoles and Saris

A Feast of Colours and Rajasthani Embroidered Jholas

Jute Paintings, Bags and Handmade Footwear


Copyright – Ila Tyagi.


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