Life Lessons From 2017

Dear Readers,

The year is almost at an end. I thought it appropriate to share some personal lessons from 2017 with you all. What better way to reflect on a year in my life?

I hope that you will enjoy reading this article. Most importantly, I wish that you can relate to this journalistic blog post.

Although I have used language such “one” & “you” in this post, I do not intend it be preachy. I have no qualifications to preach life lessons. I have only talked about my life lessons in second person because it makes for an easier and quicker read. Moreover, I intend this post to be something that you all can Relate to.

So let us begin.

  • Learning to spend time alone made me a stronger person. As a result, I am now less scared of social rejections.
  • When you are not afraid of being alone, you choose the best friends and the best partners. When you are not afraid of being alone, you don’t mind being abnormal because it doesn’t matter to you what others think of you. You love being weird and you fully accept all your abnormality because if there is one thing you know, it is that there is no such things as normal!
  • Reading The Secret has helped me to visualise my goals and create a vision board for all that I aim to achieve in life.
  • The Secret really does work!
  • There will be darkness but it will pass soon. Learning to keep faith in yourself and God is the most important principle of life.
  • You may not be the most intelligent person in a room, but if you are confident, people will believe you and you will get ahead in life.
  • Success is not about grades or achievements. Success is about self-confidence and your undying belief in yourself and your capabilities.
  • As Robin Sharma aptly puts it in his Mastery Sessions, “With great confusion comes great clarity”. I was very confused about what I wanted from life. But it is only through this period of intense confusion and isolation that my true goals dawned upon me. I no longer want to escape. I want to be in the battlefield and face the heat even if it means being humiliated at the beginning of it all. For failing at an epic level could be the best teacher I ever had.
  • Failure teaches you a lot about yourself and about the world around you. It is a tool for self-development.
  • Waking up early is the best feeling in this world.
  • Sticking to a routine and exercising regularly can do miracles for your mental and physical health.
  • All good things come with a lot of sacrifice, which includes saying NO.
  • Saying NO to things that you don’t want to do, can’t afford to do or are too busy to do is the second best feeling in this world.
  • Being patient and persevering despite the umpteenth rejection is the key to success.
  • Nothing can replace the value of hard work in professional life.
  • When you learn to spend time alone without the need for any friends, that is when you truly discover who you are, what you want from life and what you are made of.
  • It is okay to let off steam sometimes and although it is difficult, one must learn to forgive oneself.
  • There is no point in wasting time on people who don’t deserve you, your love and respect. It is indeed better to be alone than to be with the wrong person. value yourself enough and the right partner will find you. And if he/she doesn’t, then you at least have yourself. So be kind to yourself and get out of a relationship that drains your energy and makes you question your worth.
  • It is very important to show gratitude for what you have. I have a lot and I am happy with it even if it does mean that I am unemployed at the moment. I am already very happy with all of God’s wonderful gifts to me and have learnt to be patient in my job hunt.

Although, self-improvement Gurus keep emphasising the importance of these life-lessons, I never really paid heed to them, until I was faced with my own inner battles. It is only when I started applying these lessons in my life that I truly began to see the magic in them. These life lessons have transformed me as a person and my life for the better. Thats why, I have shared them with you all.

If you have learnt some great lessons this year, please feel free to comment down below and share them with me. Perhaps, I may find a lesson in your lesson. 🙂

Till then, Adios!

Yours lovingly,

Ila 🙂

Feature Image Credit -Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash


2 Thoughts

  1. Writing about mental health needs a certain amount of Chutzpah, especially when it is about oneself. People are averse to talk about it & many more are uncomfortable. So kudos for writing about that. 🙂

    Learning to spend time alone, especially when depressed, is debilitating at times, but then does something emerge that can be life altering. It burns our core beliefs of how life should be and opens up a new avenue. Is is painful? Yes. Hurts like hell, every value held is questioned and lots of it discarded. At 3, questioning the basis of existence is a personal hell I hope no one goes through.

    As you mentioned The Secret, I’d say The Law of Attraction is much more subtle. It is more about feelings. In our own heads, we have contradictions that are “mind boggling”. For The Secret to work, we need to clear them first. One way to do that is to write down a dialogue between our various parts or voices in our head and bring them to an agreement. If not reconciled, the proverbial “shit” continues. We are thought to suppress our feelings and doing so causes more issues. So regardless of what we are taught, it is ok to be angry or jealous or sad or frustrated. It is NOT OK to beat or abuse someone out of that anger. To accept our feelings as allies is necessary to achieve all we want to achieve. Good Luck!

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    1. Yes I agree with you about everything. The law of attraction is indeed about feelings. Also you are absolutely right in saying that one can’t beat or abuse anybody regardless of their anger. I just meant that it is also not good to hold it in and that if one has done that in the past, one can’t hate oneself for life for that mistake. But thanks so much for all your feedback. It is really encouraging and genuine. ❤️

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