Tips: Nothing to Wear

For the longest time, I used to look into my wardrobe full of clothes and feel like I have nothing to wear. However, soon after reading about the issue, I discovered the reasons why. Have you also felt like you have nothing to wear? Even though your closet is full of beautiful clothes? Some of the reasons could be listed down below:

I lacked basics

  • I have started investing heavily in good basics like white & black t-shirts, black and blue jeans, black shoes, a black faux leather jacket, a grey, black and a camel coat. I own a lot of colourful clothes and it is very easy to pair these basics to create a brighter look. If you are Indian, then you can invest in a basic black saree blouse, a black and off-white salwar/palazzo, and cholhapuri chappals. These can be paired with most Indian outfits.

I had a disorganised closet

  • I saw a lot of YouTube videos on organising the closet. However, it was the Marie-Kondo method of closet organisation that caught my eye. I tried organising my clothes horizontally in a drawer and it worked wonders for me. I could now see those clothes that I bought but never wore because they were hidden away in some dingy corner of my closet. Moreover, it saved so much time because I didn’t need to re-stack my clothes into a pile every time I pulled out something from it. I could now see everything that I own and pull it out without creating a mess.

I used to spend on trends

  • I used to buy the cheapest copy of whatever was trending that season from retail outlets or Delhi’s favourite – Sarojini Nagar. After a few months, the trend was everywhere and so was the item of clothing that I bought. After some more time, that trend was the rage and everyone knew where I bought my top/dress from and how much it cost. After a year, I didn’t want to wear it again because it seemed outdated.
  • If you are someone who enjoys trends, by all means go out and buy whatever you want. Also, if you are a fashion enthusiast, your story is quite different. But if you are someone simple like me, who wants to save money and can’t afford to buy all the trends but still wants to look fashionable? Then invest in classic pieces that never go out of style.

I now buy classic pieces

  • For me classics include chiffon blouses, floral print cami dresses, denim shorts, brown/black tote, colourful skirts (A-line, pencil, skater or bodycon), good quality jeans, etc. Being Indian, I also love wearing colourful clothes. So I spent on solid colours while purchasing these items. These colourful items could now easily be paired with a neutral item in closet. They could be paired in so many different ways. I could even pair some of the printed items in my closet with a neutral coloured top/skirt to minimise the flash. So now, I can create multiple outfits with a few key pieces.

I bought cheap clothes

  • I bought a lot of cheap but trendy clothes from Sarojini and Kamla Nagar markets. But I soon realised, that there was always some problem with these clothes. Sometimes, they had a button missing. Other times, I had to get them altered to fit me. The street tailors in Kamla Nagar charged around Rs. 40 to alter the tops (in my time). It is worth mentioning that they also did a shoddy job worth exactly 40 bucks.  While, you can find great clothes in Sarojini & Kamla Nagar, you can’t always find the best fit. Plus, the clothes wear off after a laundry session.
  • Now, I mostly go to these markets to search for hot trends at a good price. Soon the trend will wear off and the Rs.200 spent on a white off-shoulder top won’t hurt so much. Notwithstanding, I still own some good pieces from Sarojini but I now look at buying a good quality piece that lasts long (I sound just like my mother ;-P).

I started looking for good quality replicas

  • I started looking for good quality replicas in some of the more expensive shops in Sarojini and Kamla Nagar. Emsons used to be a great shop for shoes and bags during my time in DU. I don’t know if it still exists but I am positive that many other such “North-East” shops may have popped up there. Here too, I invested in basics. In fact, one pair of grey shoes that I bought from these frequently called “North-East” shops has lasted me more than 3 years despite being worn almost daily. It was just for Rs. 700.

I know many posts have been written about this issue. But I also wanted to add my two cents to the topic. Following these tricks helped me a lot. I also feel more comfortable and confident in good quality clothes.

I understand how difficult it can be to buy basics from expensive outlets. I am also aware that many people want to buy something unique when they spend more money but chances are that that “something unique” will be out of fashion in a few months and you will be stuck with an expensive piece of clothing that you don’t want to wear again. Therefore, just shelling out some extra cash in the H&M basics section would go a long way in solving the problem of “nothing to wear”. At least, it did in mine.

Even hunting for good quality and well-fitted basics in Sarojini would help. I have a white blouse from Sarojini that has lasted me for six years. It was actually an H&M export surplus. I also possess a versatile tweed coat from Sarojini that has lasted me approximately 5 years. It was just for Rs.1000.

This was just my opinion on the issue of “Nothing to Wear”.  Of course a pair of blue denims and white T-shirt are my go to look on the day I actually have nothing to wear. 😛

If you find this post useful, please tell me in the comments section below. If you think I have missed out on some tips, please leave your feedback in the comments below.


Feature Image Credit – Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash


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