Budapest in Motion

I have visited Budapest twice. It hasn’t failed to impress me on both ocassions. I have tried to record some of its beauty in these videos below.

Fisherman’s Bastion


On our first morning, we headed up to the Castle District located in the hilly city of Buda. The Castle district holds a medieval charm. It was nice and quiet in the morning. We thoroughly enjoyed our morning stroll in the summer breeze. We were the first group to see the Fisherman’s Bastion. It was a great photo opportunity because the monument was not crowed in the early hours of the morning. I also bought a ticket to Mathias Church to admire its glittering interiors.

Budapest at Night


At night, we took a river cruise across Danube to see the magical night lights. We listened to the commentary and enjoyed drinking wine. The highlight of this cruise was the spectacular view of Hungarian Parliament at night. It was followed by a four course dinner on the boat. The dinner menu included Hungarian specialities. My personal favourite was the Chicken Parikash.

Great Market Hall


On our second day in Budapest, we explored the Great Market Hall. It is an old railway station which has been converted into a souvenir market. The market is a unique concept with a quaint vibe to it. market stalls display local as well international goods. It is a good place to grab a quick bite. I admired the colourful handicrafts and artwork as I walked around the market hall.

Hungarian Parliament


We were lucky enough to have a tour of the Hungarian Parliament included in our holiday package. We were given a tour of this palatial building. It is every bit as stunning from the inside as it is from the outside. The assembly hall with its golden ceiling was my favourite room in the entire building. I couldn’t help but compare this assembly hall with the Indian assemblies where our elected representatives are busy throwing shoes at each other.

St. Stephens Basilica


We also visited St. Stephen’s Basilica in the flat city of Pest. It is a majestic building with striking interiors. We heard the Organ play and I lit a candle.

Heroes Square


The last part of our trip to Budapest involved visiting Heroes Square, a square of great historical significance to Hungary.  There was an auto exhibition happening at the time of our visit. The atmosphere at the Square was lively with tourists crowding the place.

Overall, Budapest is one of the best trips I have ever taken. I hope I could give you a glimpse of what this amazing city has to offer despite my amateur video editing skills.


Click on this link to read more about the Things to See in Budapest.

Feature Image Credit – Photo by Daniel Horvath on Unsplash


2 Thoughts

    1. I would recommend both. Depends on what you are looking for. Prague is more romantic whereas Budapest is a blend of history and culture. 🙂


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