I love rhymes. So I wrote one on my current state of mind.

It may seem a bit childish but it helps me put things into perspective.

So here it is:


Do not fear rejections,

Because they give you time for reflections.


Learn from your mistakes,

When you endure life’s endless quakes.


You must fight till the end,

Perseverance is your best friend.


Break free from the captivity,

Of fear, hopelessness and negativity.


When you are at the receiving end of meaningless criticism,

Waver not but stick to your decision.


Yes you made a difficult choice,

But it will soon lead to paradise.


Don’t pay heed to what cynics say,

Because tomorrow will be your day!

– Ila Tyagi



Feature Image Credits – Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash


3 Thoughts

  1. Dear Ila, I’ve been reading your blogs, it’s a bit like being with you, talking to you… Don’t your followers have access to the reply you receive ? It might make interesting exchanges, I’m afraid.

    You are very sincere and open-hearted, you only speak of yourself (« my mental age is 12 »…). Be aware that there are no secrets on the internet, all you write will be known by those who’ll interview you for jobs or scholarships, now or later, if they care for it.

    I would suggest that you also try to watch the world around you intensely… and also write about it. Maybe it would be nice for readers to also feel your soft skills, that you know how or wish to build rapport with the people you meet, and develop consideration of others, eagerness to help, etc That’s the basis for being able to doing team work, isn’t it ?


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    1. Dear Maria, thank you for your feedback. I will remove that bit from the blog. It is very considerate of you to tell me that.
      Think my followers have access to the comments. They can reply to this comment if they want to.
      What kind of soft-skills would you prompt me to write about?


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