A Long Wait

On New Year’s Eve, me and my parents were traveling by train. We reached our hometown at a quarter past midnight in the New Year. It was extremely cold and a dense fog had descended over our town.

In these harsh conditions, I saw hundreds of people camping on the railway platform.  People were sitting on the cold floor littered with filth. The smell of urine engulfed my senses. They were waiting for their trains which were delayed for hours as a result of the fog.

It was a pitiful sight and in that moment, I was acutely aware of my privilege. I decided to pen down my thoughts in the form of a poem.


Storms come and go

What changes though?


There is great diversity,

Of fortune and adversity.


Every half a decade,

Million promises made.


They are easily forgotten,

Their  heroes are rotten.


Concerns for the mother,

Drowned in insincere pother.


A billion dreams are crushed,

Remonstrating voices hushed.


They desperately wait for boom,

Unaware of the impending doom.

– Ila Tyagi



Feature Image Credit  – Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash


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