Blogger Recognition Awards

Hello Everyone,

I am very please to say that Megha’s World has nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award.

I am very thankful for this opportunity because it has only been a few months since I started blogging actively. It makes me happy to say that my work has been noticed by someone who has received more than 10,000 hits on their blog and has more than a thousand followers.

You must check out her blog for some beautiful and deep poetry.

The Rules for this Award are:

  • Post the Blogger Recognition Award Rules.
  • Use Blogger Recognition Award Badge on your website.
  • Share the reasons why you blog.
  • Share two tips for new bloggers.
  • Nominate at least four other bloggers for this award and notify each of them about this nomination.


The Reason I Blog

I started this blog because I wanted to do something that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Blogging was a means to get over the fear of what others might think of me and my opinions. It was really a way of putting myself out there and baring my soul to the online world. I have written about sensitive topics like my depression and the lessons 2017 because I feel that I may be able to help someone by sharing my experience with them and how I dealt with it. Most of my poems also have Mental Health as their underlying theme. Blogging was also a way to document my travels and share useful information with travellers looking to travel the destinations that I have already covered. Moreover, blogging has tremendously improved my confidence and writing skills. It is like a little project that allows me to be productive and deal with my feelings by churning out rhymes that reflect my current state of mind.

Two Tips for New Bloggers

  • Write what you know about and care about. Write about the things and issues close to your heart. I write about mental health because it has touched my life and very ironically changed me for the better in many ways. I also write about travel because it has shaped my personality in a large way and I want to dispense as much information I can to help others have a great holiday.
  • This tip deals with writer’s block. Every time, I get a new idea for a blog post, I jot it down in bullet points in my diary. You can write about your experiences to share them with the world or about a certain way you like to do things… poetry or fiction… travel or current affairs. Every time an idea strikes you, jot it down in your diary. That will prevent the Writers Block from taking over months later when you have run out of ideas and are looking for inspiration. Another tip would be to personalise the daily prompts post. That is a great way of keeping your posts original and prevent plagiarism.

I nominate the following blogs for this Award:

Please read their amazing blogs for some writing, photography, travel and self-help inspiration.




Feature Image Credits – Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash


7 Thoughts

  1. My dear Ila, My warmest congratulations for your nomination ! I hadn’t realized that you went through depression and am so happy that you’re coming out of it . You wrote that you’re learning Spanish, what a pity that you’re not interested in French, you would come to Paris ! A big hug, maria


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