About Me

Hello everyone, I am Ila!  🙂

I am from India. I studied at Political Science at Delhi University and Law in the United Kingdom. Studying abroad shaped me as a person and allowed me to travel across Europe easily.

I have always loved travelling. Instead of shopping and chilling in cafes, I prefer doing the walking tours and learning about a place, its history, people and culture. So far I have travelled to 24 Countries and 17 of the 29 states in India.  Some of these visits were much before I started blogging. Therefore, there are no blog posts dedicated to them. However, I do plan to write about the places that touched my heart.

I have also struggled with mental health problems like depression and anxiety.  I feel no shame in writing about it. I think depression is a hidden epidemic amongst the youth in India and abroad. Hence, we need create to awareness about mental health problems and move past the regressive attitudes by lifting the taboo on them. I am not perfect but I love myself the way I am.


I also love photography. I am an amateur but I think I do decent job ;-). You can check out my Instagram feed here: https://www.instagram.com/ilat326/

However, most of the pictures on this blog are pictures from websites like pixaby, freeimages, and pexels because I lost all my travel photographs when my phone crashed. Therefore, I had to resort to using free pictures (that require no attribution) in order to enhance the visual appearance of my blog. However, most of the pictures have been attributed to the various photographers despite no such requirement.

Other than that I like reading books. I love swimming and hitting the gym. I enjoy cooking and trying different recipes. However, my culinary skills are limited so the end result is not always a delight. I love dogs and have adopted four dogs from the rough streets of my Indian hometown. I love to journal and I also enjoy solitude.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. 🙂




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